virtual vegan potluck: edamame and me

I really enjoyed participating in my first virtual potluck last year, so I’m thrilled to be back for another edition. I’m back for appetisers, mostly because I love making tiny impractical food.


Before I go to my dish, if you would like to travel through from the start of the potluck, click here. To see the lovely sweet potato dish from helen at eatpraybake before me, click here.

Today, for appetisers, I’ve brought an asian veggie and edameme puree on a glutenous rice pancake. I love this because it packs a punch of ginger and chilli, tossed with freshly blanched veggies and topped off with the nutritional goodness of edamame (young soya beans). Plus, not so nutritional, but deep fried dough is always a gastronomic winner…


For the veggies: 

Cut into one inch pieces and blanche some snake beans, kale, and broccolini stalks. This ensure they keep their beautifully vibrant colour and a bit of crunch.Then dress and toss them in a combination of  2 tbs soy, 1 tbs mirin, 1 cm of ginger grated, 1 tbs fresh coriander, and one fresh chilli.


For the pancake:

I love glutenous rice flour for its wonderful chewy texture. I’ve made tong yuan previously, as a dessert, but never used this type of flour for savoury cooking before. The dough was a bit of guess work. To make:  Pop a cup of glutenous rice flour in with half a cup of water and one mashed potato (you add the potato to give it a nice golden colour, and also to stop it exploding — the science of this is beyond me). The dough should have the consistency of playdough. Roll out between two sheets of baking paper to prevent sticking, and cut into little pancake circles (I used an egg ring to do this, you could use a circle cookie cutter).

These could/should be deep fried in a high-temp oil like peanut. I’m scared of deep frying, so I shallow fried mine for two to three minutes, until nice and golden and slightly puffed. Try to resist eating them as soon as they are made.. it will be tough..

For the edamame puree: 

I bought frozen pods of edamame that had to be boiled in water for 6 minutes and shelled. From here, puree a cup of the cooked pods in a food processor with a little salt and pepper, and one small clove of garlic, a nib of grated ginger, and a dash of sesame oil, until smooth.

Bringing it all together..

To finish this off, place the pancakes on a plat, smear with edamame, top with the veggies and then with some toasted sesame seeds. I also added some crushed roasted garlic, and some tatsoi microherbs for extra deliciousness. You will want to eat these nice and hot before the dough becomes soggy.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your time with me, click to go onwards to the next dish

62 thoughts on “virtual vegan potluck: edamame and me

    • thank you! I think everything tastes better when it’s mini. I took a peek at yours (still making my way through the start of the potluck), and it looks so lovely too!

  1. What lovely & appetizing finger food! I love them: bright, tasty looking & beautiful! Yummmmmmm! I am also participating in the dessert section! 😉

    • thanks sophie! I’m very slowly making my way through the potluck, there are so many bloggers this time!, but definitely looking forward to dessert.. 🙂

  2. These are fab! And so cute 🙂 loving the pancake recipe, it completely surprised me that it had potato in it! Can’t wait to try it. This may be a silly question but is all rice flour glutenous or are there different types?

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    • its so nice to use glutinous rice flour because they get this really nice chewy texture when they’re hot and cripsy on the outside…

    • thank you! tbh I sort of made it all up as I went along, so it was nice to know that everything actually fit together flavour/texture wise..

  4. Tiny impractical food – love it. It looks really great. The puree looks so beautiful and I can imagine with the ginger it is going to taste great too. Definitely adding this to my puree/dip collection. Thank you.

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  6. The pictures look so professional and the mini pancakes are beautiful. Your recipe has given me an idea to make mini Indian pancakes(dosa) for my next Indian party. thank you.

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