the highs and lows: cake failure

I didn’t post this last week because I had a pretty bad week – one that made me angry and frustrated and cry a lot.

for me, a bad week like this leads to really bad cooking.

for example, I made this batch of ugly cupcakes.

I clearly didn’t think the proportion of each mixture through enough. It tasted nice, but cupcakes cant be ugly, it defeats their whole purpose for existing.

In my mind it was a dense rich spiced coffee cake with a swirled in cheesecake layer and a caramelised sauteed apple cluster on top. In reality the cake rose way too much, the cheesecake was too dense, and the apples looked like big sparse growths.

I was so devastated by this result, because I had so carefully made the batter for each of the three layers, so I sat on the kitchen floor and had a mini teary. I’m such a sook, I know. I felt much better afterwards though.

But this weekend marked the beginning of spring, and spring means new beginnings right?