virtual vegan potluck : the sidelines are safer

life has gone from chilled to hectic. i’m in the midst of sorting through everything i own and packing up my life to move to london! i’m beyond excited, but with less than four weeks to go, it also means a … Continue reading

the humble cauliflower: two ways

cauliflower gets a really bad wrap. mentioning it tends to induce a lot of nose scrunching and unimpressed faces. one of the key causes of this reaction is that most people are guilty of overcooking cauliflower by boiling or steaming … Continue reading

superfood salads: cherry, kale and blue cheese salad

This weekend has been GLORIOUS. summer is so close, I can smell it. I love that I can now go to the farmers market at 8am and not look like the Michelin man. With the warm weather the markets are back to … Continue reading

sugar-free snacks: coconut, almond and blueberry quinoa macaroons

I think I might be cheating on my sugar-free lifestyle with this one… When in need of a snack, I normally make my sugar-free cookies, but I ran out of ripe bananas this week, so I’ve turned to trusty quinoa … Continue reading